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Imports or any small engine car almost need to be on e85 or pump/meth to really do much for the most part as you know. I figured you are a little low on mph, but that is probably due to your shift to 5th (good god my S4 could just touch 4th LOL) close to the end of the track when looking at your 1/8th time/mph. I've probably got 50 S4 timeslips to compare to yours for fun as they would have been close in the past. The car has most bolt ons and bumped up boost right Colton?
Lets see some comparable time slips, very curious how my car is acting compared to others. The MPH to me seems rather low for sure, and the rpm drop to 5th in these cars is fairly dramatic. The Subaru is bolt ons, with a little tuning on the safe side with boost added, but tapering off as the small turbo is out of steam.