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Thread: 06 LS2 long block and extras

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    06 LS2 long block and extras

    I have a LS2 that I am getting ready to pull out out of my trailblazer SS. It will have intake, throttle body, valve covers, injectors, etc. Will not have water pump, timing cover, pulley,etc.

    It has 40k miles on it from showroom. I had a machine shop in Des Moines build a forged lower end (.005 over) at about 20k. For whatever reason the rings never seated properly from the git go and its always used about a quart every thousand miles. In the last couple weeks it has a lifter noise between 2500-3500 rpms so I decided its time to order a 408 from Texas speed.

    It has an Attitude Camshaft custom spec'd by Alvin at PCM of NC, Beehive springs, trend pushrods, Compstar forged rods, Wiseco -3cc pistons, ARP rod cam and head bolts, Katech timing chain and melling pump. The heads are the 243 castings.

    I am located in Des Moines and looking for best offer. Will be pulling the motor in about 2-3 weeks.

    Will also have a set of Kooks 1 3/4" headers for sale and possible the Kooks race cats / Y Pipe which I had Iowa Muffler modify with dual cutouts before it merged back to single Magnaflow.

    Drop me a message if interested.


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    Motor Sold

    Only thing left is Kooks headers, race cats and whatever else exhaust anyone would want.

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