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Thread: engine/trans value...?

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    engine/trans value...?

    Thinking about selling my current engine/trans to go with an LS/4L80E. But, I'be never really sold a complete engine/trans and don't know anything about the value. I know there's about $12k+ in it but that don't mean shit. So, what would be a fair price if I sell it?

    388 (factory, 4-bolt main block)
    12.8:1 compression
    ARP studs everywherd
    Scat forged rods
    Scat forged crank
    Mahle forged pistons
    don't remember cam specs off hand
    P&P'd Dart iron eagle heads (2.02/1.60)
    Comp roller rockers
    PP single plain, high rise intake (port matched)
    Quick Fuel, 1050cfm, E85 carb
    Kevko deep oil pan
    HV oil pump
    MSD 6AL
    MSD Pro billet distributor
    MSD wires and NGK plugs
    Holley fuel pump and adjustable pressure regulator

    TCI manual valve body
    Kevlar clutches
    2800-3200 stall B&M torque converter
    B&M Quick Silver shifter
    other mods but not 100% sure what

    Engine made 640/570, I'll have to throw it on a dyno chassis... Don't have the build/dyno sheets any more but there's a chassis dyno 10~ miles from my house. Thinking I need a turbo LS/4L80E and I know I'm pushing the block already so I've never touched the nitrous.

    Also have a G-body 10-bolt, 4.11 posi rear I''ll be selling as soon as my 4.10/8.8" is ready to go. Figure that might be worth $300?

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