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Thread: Nick's 98gt Build from slow to peppy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 86svo9L View Post
    Very nice!

    I will agree it is a bit of a pain the way the steering shaft slides over like it does. I remember when I helped a friend do long tubes on a 98 we had hell getting that thing back on. But we were already pretty damned frustrated, worst car I have ever done long tubes on. Be glad you were able to do them while the drivetrain was out!
    Yes, thats why I figured I might aswell install longtubes now that the engine is out or I prob would take the easy route and get shorties lol.

    More progress, engine bay is starting to come together. Worked on getting the rest of the wiring harness and vac lines hooked up. Also got my radiator installed. The Airade intake looks great had to tweak it a little bit to work on the the 96/98 wiring harness. Tonight I plan on buttoning everything up. Get some oil in the engine and top off the antifreeze and maybe I can get it to fire tonight After I'm assured the engine is running smoothley I plan on doing somthing with the wiring mess under the hood, Wire tuck and battery relocation. Stuff alway takes longer than expected but I would also like to be able to finish my front suspension tonight aswell.

    Heres the final shot of the interior with my B&M ripper STS installed and steeda knob....


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    Well this happend last night


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    What are you doing for a tune?
    2004 Mach 1-Ported eaton swap-divisonX 340 pump, larger heatexchanger, 3.4 pulley@ 9#, 60# dekas, Lmaf, TUNED by ME!!!!!....with SCT proracer times:1.-60' 1/8-7.8 @93 1/4 11.9@120--------- 2000 Camaro SS -TTops M6 with 8.8 rear 3.73 gear. bolt on's and tunetimes: 1.8 60' 12.9 @111

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    Going to get an sct then head off to LSXKILR Callibrations in Bonner Springs, KS.


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    Finally the final large expense showed up for the blue beast and after 5 long months this car has touched the ground . Took the car for a short test drive around my neighborhood.... I dont have an exhaust yet so its just straight piped, also dont have registration and insurance yet so I didnt go far lol. Car ran very well, I still need to bleed the brakes just a bit. Today I'm going to the courthouse to get it registered and then insured. Hopefully next week I will be able to get it into to the exhaust shop to fab up my x-pipe and catback....... And dont worry headlights are on the way hopefully will show up today or tomorrow lol

    Car still has 5 months worth of dust buildup


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    What headlights are you going with?

    I always liked the looks of the smoked Cobra headlights, but really did not like the light output while driving at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 86svo9L View Post
    What headlights are you going with?

    I always liked the looks of the smoked Cobra headlights, but really did not like the light output while driving at night.
    I actually had smoked cobra headlights for it but did not like them as much as I thought I would. Ended up trading them to a buddy of mine and he bought me a set just like I had on my 95gt pictured below....

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    Headlights are in..... hoping to get my exhaust fabbed up tomorrow.


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    New Exhaust.... Mac Longtubes / Lethal Performace O/R X-pipe / Pypes Street Pro Catback dumped.


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    Windows are tinted at its ready for the track... but only after a 500mi break-in of the clutch and diff...

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