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    Modern Mopars of Iowa Club

    Thought I'd share a little bit about my club on here. I founded Modern Mopars of Iowa in May of 2014 with my own ideas about how to run a club based on another club that I had been a member of that really wasn't very convenient for some of their members. The other club I was a member of advertises themselves to be for the entirety of the midwest but they never did anything outside of Omaha, NE and they never once came to Iowa as they told me they would when they joined. I also paid a year's worth of dues, and that got me nothing. Good people in that other club, but they motivated me to start my own. So needless to say I decided to start Modern Mopars of Iowa as a free club, that tries to include every member in club activities. I didn't want people to feel like they HAD to go to every event, and I didn't want people to feel like they HAD to pay to be a valued member.

    Another huge focus for my club was to eliminate the drama, and brand bashing that kind of plagues a lot of other clubs and causes a lot of drama and infighting amongst members. That kind of behavior is dealt with swiftly and anyone who causes issues gets the boot rather quickly. My idea is to have a club that's very open and friendly. Even though we're a Mopar club I have no problem talking to and interacting with clubs from competing brands. In fact I actually allow a single member of any other club to join our club as a liaison so that we can learn about events in other areas, other states, and I hope that one day we'll be able to coordinate events with our fellow clubs.

    So things have jumped off pretty well. We started out with only a handful of members, and only 4 people actually showed up to our very first meeting. Now we're sitting at 187 members. We're very active and we have members in Central Iowa, as well as Waterloo, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Newton, etc...

    We're always looking for new members and the only requirements to join MMOIA are that you're a resident of the State of Iowa, and that you own a Modern Mopar vehicle (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, RAM, SRT, or Jeep) that is 1990 or newer in make. We welcome trucks, cars, and SUVs, and we don't require your vehicle to be showroom quality perfect. If you have a Modern Mopar that you love, and you want to be part of the club we welcome you. So if there are any fellow Modern Mopar owners on here and you're interested in something like this please request to join our club on facebook at

    We're also on Twitter at and we keep our Twitter page updated with pictures from club events, and Modern Mopar news from around the web. Anywho I just thought I'd share. Here's some pictures of some of our meets just for good measure.

    Yes this is a real Hellcat.

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