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Thread: ls1 block

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    ls1 block

    I just had my block completely redone at the machine shop. New rods and pistons and honed. Just wanted to know if a ls1 block can get pitted in just 4 days?? Please help

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    I don't see nothing a sprayed wd-40 on the entire engine but one of the cylinders around the top rim I seen a ity bity black spot and I just wanted to know what that might be?

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    Who did the work? Can you post a decent picture. If the bore is lubed ofter machining and cleaning it should be fine for quite some time unless it gets wet or damp.
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    I had mine sitting around for almost a year. Just sprayed wd40 on it every so often and kept it wrapped in plastic

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    You can get a surprising amount of rust on machined surfaces in a matter of hours, with oil or WD sprayed on there you should be fine tho. Anything is possible need to see it

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    Staybil fogging oil, silica gel and a plastic bag. Had a freshly bored, bare block sit in a shed for almost 2 years like that and not a spec of rust formed anywhere. I use the shit out of the fogging oil!! When I store my boat for the winter, riding mower, motorcycle, anything metal that will be sitting gets the fogging oil.

    From the classified ad I posted for my built 4.6L after sitting for a few months.
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