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Thread: WIKDEVO build progress

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    WIKDEVO build progress

    Figured i'd start this thread up to document everything that has been done so far and for the future. Also a good place to whore her out with pics lol.
    I bought the car back in January 2013 when i got back from Korea. She had the basic bolt ons at the time with around 70k miles. She currently has 79xxx. As you can tell.. i barely drive the car.. maybe that's because she is always broken?
    Current mod list is as follows:

    High CR 2.0

    Bottom End
    Wiseco 10.5 hd2 e85 pistons
    Manley Turbo Tuff Rods w/ARP 625 rod bolts
    Stock Crank micro polished
    ACL race bearings throughout
    ARP Main studs

    Headgames Street Package head
    street port
    bronze guides
    Ferrea beehive spring-kit
    6000 series stock size valves
    OEM lifters/rockers
    GSC S2 Camshafts
    OEM Evo 9 MLS Headgasket
    ARP L19 Head studs

    Buschur ported intake manifold
    Strictly Modified ported throttle body
    ETS 3" Upper intercooler pipe
    VRSF 3.5" Front Mount intercooler
    JDL Forward facing hot parts kit (manifold, o2 housing, down pipe)
    Forced Performance HTA 3586 turbo
    ETS 3.5" down pipe back exhaust

    Competition Clutch twin disc clutch
    works short throw shifter
    works shifter cable bushings
    works shifter base bushings
    blox front motor mount
    Redline cocktail for the transmission

    Walbro 450lph fuel pump hardwired
    FIC 2150cc Injectors

    Stance super sport coilovers

    Valve cover tapped for two -10an catch can lines
    Battery relocated to trunk
    interior lights switched to amber to match gauge cluster
    AEM wideband and 50 psi boost digital gauges
    brembos painted teal
    MAperformance evo 8 mivec line adapter

    I'm sure there is a bunch more that i'm missing but i'll get onto the pics..

    This is how she looked when i first got her. Not much changed exterior wise except for getting rid of the rims for stockers in lieu of throwing some drag slicks on.

    Engine bay when I bought it

    This is the power the car made when i bought it.

    First trip to the track with her netted me a 13.0@108

    Stock color of the gauges

    After i painted the bulbs to match

    The teal painted brembos

    The first iteration of power mods included a "chinese" 25g turbo, stock ported exhaust manifold and an o2 dump combined with the rest of the parts seen in the video.

    this setup on e85 netted me around 550hp/440tq

    Here she is after all the mods and the new tubular map manifold

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    my bitches!

    I ran around on that setup for about 4-5 months and then the chinese turbo exploded on the way to get tuned lol. Luckily it had a 1 year warrantly and they replaced it without any questions with a brand new turbo. I turned around and sold it for the same price i bought it for. no loss except for time. This puts us at the current turbo setup.

    When i bought the turbo kit it came with a gt3582 bb turbo. I sold that and bought a Forced Performance HTA3586 instead.

    Koyo half size radiator and flex a lite fan/shroud. never had any issues driving around.. not even in 100 deg florida weather

    on the forward facing setup with the hta86 the car made the power below on the stock block. At this point I was pretty happy with the car but i knew the clutch was on the way out and that the motor would need to be built pretty soon.

    Here's a vid of one of my prouder kills at the power level above

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