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Thread: Evolution 9 MR - 2.3 stroker - PTE 6262 - AMS - Sheepey hot parts

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    I was questioning some of the parts on your other car, but this has changed my mind and can see you are doing things right. Looks like a solid build that should do well. Do you have any closer pics of the bay? Did you do a wire tuck?
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    This is the only photo I have of the old setup where it shows the engine harness being tucked. I had to extend a few wires/connectors, it's ran underneath the intake manifold with triple loom. What I'm working on now is the headlight harness, easy to hide btw. The main issue I might have is when I remove the ACD tcase and go non acd, I'll put the fuse box in the spot where the acd pump/reservoir is. I'll post pictures of the process

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    I hope you didn't take offense to our comments about your other car's asking price. Ultimatley its worth whatever someone would pay for it, we were just being smart asses.

    On the other hand this build looks pretty good! Sheepey has really been making his mark in the Evo community now and makes some nice stuff. Those tear drops always look sweet. Is this build complete? Do you have any videos?

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    Sub'd. Makes me want an Evo to tinker with.

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    It's all good guys. I didn't take it serious and hopefully I didn't offend anyone either!

    The build is still in progress and I do have a lot more to add to the thread. The shortblock is currently at the local machine shop, getting bored to 85.5mm/ .20 over, honed with a torque plate, hot tanked, crack check, etc. When it's completed I'll have to bring it home and prematurely assemble everything, have to mark the areas where the rods will be a close encounter because of the larger crank, and take it back to the machinist for notching.

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    What shop? I didn't know any local places that have a torque plate for that.
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    What shop? I didn't know any local places that have a torque plate for that.
    Dewar machine. 5 minutes from Waterloo. You have to specifically ask for the torque plate, he will bore the block and hone it with the plate on there. He's used to muscle where tolerances are loose compared to 4g63, etc

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    Full carbon fiber wing (Seibon replica), cusco front power brace and a interior harness bar. Will post pictures of when I install the bar with the 3 point harness that's already in the car.

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    What I'm working on now is cutting the so called 3" vband flanges off both downpipes, going to weld on a true 3" vband flange. Doing this for one reason, will want a bigger turbo later, possibly a 6266/6466 gen 2

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    dewar machine? i have few family members that live in that little town. didn't know there was a machine shop there.

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