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Thread: Overdrive and Converter Lock-Up Question

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    Overdrive and Converter Lock-Up Question

    I have a 4R70W installed with a manual valve body, trans brake, overdrive, and lock up converter.
    The lock up and overdrive are on a switch.

    Is it a bad idea to have both on one switch?
    I have a single disc converter, so it can't handle full throttle runs locked up.
    Overdrive would probably explode under full throttle.

    I couldn't think of a reason not to put them on the same switch, seeing as I wouldn't use either unless cruising on the highway.
    Unless overdrive needs to be engaged before locking the converter.... but I know you can shift with the converter locked, so that doesn't even seem to be an issue.

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    I would think they need to be separate to first get it into 4th and the lock-up, but Im not a tranny expert. I also expect everything to blow up and cost lots of money. I either have a phobia, or its something to do with growing up in dsm's.

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