Hey, I'm Jacob. My car is Robin. Lots to do. But I believe the ultimate goal is to invest about 7 - 8 k into the car. Which mostly will be bodywork and engine work (Robin has 292k mi approximately. Unfortunately I have no garage or fancy tools, but I believe with what I have planned I'll invest for future projects. But alot of what my time will be dedicated to here will be research so I get things done right the first time. Thanks for any comments or input!

Current Modifications:

Drop Zone Adjustible Coilovers (pretty much as it sits now is as high as it goes, but I only invested $250. I'm only unhappy about that. I was hoping to be able to raise 1.5" for winter)

17x7.5 ICW Megastar Wheels
Hankook K106 Tires

Not much done to the vehicle. I'm currently preparing a Notebook to organize my actual needs and maintenence as it's my daily driver. But also to keep me on track for the fun stuff. Shown below is the most important stuff I need done. But ultimately I would like to have a clean CD5 Turbo that is also very functional as a daily driver.

Well. That's all for an introduction. I'll post some plans, the forum can sort me out. Thanks for viewing!