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Thread: Midwest Exclusive Midnight Madness 2014 Schedule

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    Midwest Exclusive Midnight Madness 2014 Schedule

    Midnight Madness is presented by Midwest Exclusive at Eddyville Raceway Park and is composed of heads up grudge racing for street legal cars, trucks, and motorcycles (dirt bikes and 4 wheel atv`s are also welcome).
    Midnight Madness events have the scoreboards turned off and use an instant green start. Midnight Madness starts running at 10pm and goes until 1am.

    Entry Fee: $25 (can enter test and tune and Midnight Madness for $35)

    At about Midnight we will have a special run off in 4 separate classes for the 4 fastest (by MPH) in the following classes: Motorcycles, FWD Cars, RWD/AWD, and Trucks.

    There is no extra cost to enter the Fast 4 classes.
    Winners of each class receives a plaque and $100 cash and a hour of dyno time at Karl Performance. Each runner up receives a $25 gift card to Karls Performance.

    RSVP and invite your friends to all of the Midwest Exclusive Midnight Madness events at Eddyville Raceway Park. Sponsored by Karl Performance!
    Midnight Madness Round 1-
    Midnight Madness Round 2-
    Midnight Madness Round 3-
    Midnight Madness Round 4-
    Midnight Madness Round 5-

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    Nice!! Ill try to make some of these..
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    Hmm...wonder if theres going to be alot of fast awds?
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    if fifdy is going, I am going

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorny1 View Post
    Hmm...wonder if theres going to be alot of fast awds?
    LOL There's never any fast AWDs
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    Did they ever do the fastest fwd thing before? I could've sworn it was import only and domestic only along with motorcycle and diesel.
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    We've had the fastest fwd for awhile. Round one is coming up with just over a week left. Who is coming?!?!

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