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Thread: how/when did you hear about CR:U/IAF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek072887 View Post
    what else are you going to talk about since your whole set up is a secret.... Eddy B and Georgy have even been posting about their cars....

    you want more people to post then post yourself, if you just want to bitch about people not posting then move on... simple as that
    Wheres all of your interesting shit to read about? Nobody wants to hear about my stock junk
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    Quote Originally Posted by FiFdYnUtZ View Post
    Wheres all of your interesting shit to read about? Nobody wants to hear about my stock junk
    I'm in the same boat with the stock junk but you don't hear me in here complaining about lack of posts and not doing anything to alleviate the problem
    "U guys are a bunch of pathetic fucks Ryan your the worst" -Eddy B
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    when will chekal and derek finally put a ring on it? They're so cute together on here.

    I joined sometime around 05 with some old SN long before I had any business being here. It may have been the first forum I had ever been on. Some friends of mine talked about it and the "street racing" back then. I think the first time I actually went out there was some vr4 galant with direct injection n2o
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