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Thread: S14 w/redtop swap FS $7k

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    S14 w/redtop swap FS $7k

    For sale in Cedar Rapids, IA

    95 pearl white 240sx SE
    Redtop SR ~30,000 miles
    SS tubular exhaust manifold
    3" turbo outlet
    3" St. May exhaust with resonator, and muffler
    Ball Bearing T28
    stainless braided turbo lines
    Koyo aluminum radiator
    thermostatic controlled electric fan
    samco radiator hoses
    KN intake filter on Stillen adapter (also threaded for 300zx MAF)
    Walboro 255
    Ebay catch can NIB

    Q45 front brakes (have stainless braided lines new that will go with car)
    SPL TC rods
    Stance Basic Coils
    extended front wheel lugs

    Megan Gauges (boost, oil temp, water temp)
    Harness bar
    JDM tyte blue steering wheel w/hkb hub

    MB Wheels 17x9.5 +15 all around
    235/40 17 Falken 452

    Probably stuff I'm forgetting, but doesn't really matter. Runs great, no boost controller, ready for some fuel and MAF and more boost. 184k on the chassis, Front lip is pretty fucked but could still be salvaged. Some asshole tried to break into it in my work parking lot by prying on the passenger side door handle, so that needs some love as well. Asking $7,000

    Link to photobucket:

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    Willing to part it out? If so I'd be interested in the roller.
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    nope. You're welcome to buy it and part it out yourself though.

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    Always liked that car, havent seen you on here in years. GLWS

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    Is Justin still alive how do I get ahold of him?

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