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Thread: From NA to NA-T SUPRA

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    From NA to NA-T SUPRA

    Just making a quick build thread of my 1997 NA Supra to Na-T project. Purchased this car 1yr ago and couldn't take the 220hp lol. Anyway I started the conversion the beginning of August so I here is the list of events that took place to get to my current progression today.

    Specs on all that will be installed
    2jzgte HG
    ARP Head Studs
    AEM V1 EMS
    AEM 3.5 Bar Map
    GM IAT
    BOSCH 660cc Inj
    ITS T61 Turbo
    ITS Wastegate
    Toyomoto Log Manifold
    PHR Downpipe
    PHR Midpipe
    Blitz Nur SpecR Catback
    PHR Cold-side intercooler piping 2.5"
    Universal hot side 2.5"
    Unknwon Intercooler (Will probably need to go bigger)

    Stock W58 5spd (Yikes)
    Competition Stg3 Clutch

    Car gets put up on jack stands to start the tear down process.....


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    youre garage is way too clean. spill some oil or something
    Rob Palmer
    Rest in Peace buddy...

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    Love the Supra, I can't imagine having one n/a though. Looking forward to the build photos!
    96' 2.4 Neon
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    Time for the engine to be pulled out and torn down....

    Lined everything up TDC

    At this point it was time to take the head off. Was quite a challenge as the head bolts required special bits to get them out, and the risk of stripping them were high. After a couple of our I was able to break them all free.

    Next step involved reassembly which was pretty straight forward...... I did a few more things which I didnt document very well, Pulled my upper and lower oil pans to be cleaned an an oil return flange welded on, also mocked ups some of the turbo kit to assure fitment.


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    I'd take an N/A supra. And then I'd probably turbo it. But what Im saying is, I want a supra.

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    Installed camshafts, cam gears, timing belt, distributor, fuel injectors and lower intake manifold. Also deleted all of the egr, welded the ports closed on both the y-pipe and lower runner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JacobS View Post
    youre garage is way too clean. spill some oil or something
    Trust me it gets its fair share of spills and messes.....


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    Engine goes back in, this is again my poor documenting skills as I skipped some things I had done, (cleaned engine bay, did some slight wire harness modifications ect) Also dont mind the blue couplers and worn out looking filter I bought the turbo kit used but these things get replaced later down the road....


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    Gauges go in.. Im using an AEM UEGO WB and Turbosmart boost gauge. Im not a big fan of A-pillar gauges although I have used them a few times just decided to try something different. One gauge went where the factory clock was and the other one went where the accessory plug was which I relocated in the ashtray.

    Installed the FMIC aswell. Took a few orders off ebay to get the right size of coupler and bends I wanted but it eventually got there. I plan on changing this up later on when I look to make more power currently its at 2.5" piping.


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    Now finally the drivetrain can go back in, competition st3 clutch arrived........

    Couplers are finally replaced, still waiting on a new filter.......


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