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Thread: Moving to Cedar Rapids next month from st.louis, mo

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    Never thought of a Yaris as a performance car. It's awesome you are doing something with one, catch a lot of guys off guard.

    Cedar Rapids pretty much sucks, especially if you have lived in virtually any other big city since you know what your missing.

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    I just can't believe you'd leave St Louis, home of Pappy's Smoke Shack, for CR. Of coarse, I'm a fat kid that thinks with my stomach.

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    Were you originally from iowa and just moving back?
    well I guess the camaro is staying good project for my kid.

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    Wow thats neat. 13's in a yaris is pretty sweet. Its not that bad up here. Definitely a lot of nice back roads to go enjoy in a fun car
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    pretty sure i saw that yaris at import face off in st.louis last summer?

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    Most likely it was fitted on 16x9s last summer was this it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 50mpg View Post
    Most likely it was fitted on 16x9s last summer was this it?
    unsure, doubt there was many other "done" up yaris's there, was looking good though, defintly caught my attention to see a yaris like that

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    Wow, a drag racing Yaris, very nice. This makes me feel just a little less crazy for putting a turbo on a Tacoma and drag racing.
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