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Thread: Jewel Red tint coat TBSS Intro & Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrmccabe View Post
    So anything going on with this thing? You surely did not stop last summer?

    Mine is in transition at the moment !

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    Over the winter in January I came across a car I couldnt pass up, and sold the TBSS. I miss it as a daily, such a comfortable truck. Even more disapointing is I didnt get it to the track. I sold it to this pretty cool kid who lived in tennesse and wanted it as a daily and tow rig for his camaro. I dont think he knew too much about it, but he raced it a lot, Im not sure the Camaro got to much attention for a while there. Last update he did a roll race (he never took the trans out of drive) and the truck downshifted to first. Made a loud bang and weird noises. Turns out he grenaded the front diff, and had it fixed at LS1 shop or something in TN. Where they said theyd never seen a trans built so well, and wanted to hire my trans guy right away!

    Now it lives on some nice windy roads.

    And this is about the only pic of my car on my work computer. but its an 06 sti, shown here with the winter wheel setup on I snagged on our local subaru group pages. You can get just about anything locally if its a Subaru part...its crazy.

    Did you end up going 4l80? Looks super clean.
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