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Thread: New from Ankeny

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    New from Ankeny

    We live just north of Des Moines near Saylorville Dam.

    Adam (sleepy) told me about the forum and asked me to sign up.

    Used to be into vintage muscle cars but that all went away when we decide to build a new house !

    But we still have fun vehicle in garage that will surprise a few people at the track. Been to Eddyville, Cordova, Cedar Falls and KC before they closed a few times. 2006 Trailblazer SS. Slightly messsed with. Pics below.

    I am the admin at so I am not new to forums.


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    nice and clean. whats it run in the quarter or dyno ? I rock a 4.2l ranier as my dd

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImportEvolution View Post
    nice and clean. whats it run in the quarter or dyno ? I rock a 4.2l ranier as my dd
    Its never been on the dyno because its AWD and until recently when Karl built his new place there was no where around to dyno it.

    As far as track times I ran 7.60 in the 1/8th on my start-up tune with 100 shot. I am spraying 150 now and would guess it will run about 7.50. It might do a little better but I am always conservative since I drive to the track and 'hope' to drive home! I haven't been to a 1/4 mile track since I started spraying it but it was running 12.80's without juice. My PB was a 12.71.

    Its probably going to get a new motor next year. We don't drive it much anymore so willing to give up some DD manners for something a little more obnoxious.

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    Oh he's just afraid I might actually get my pos running for more than a day at a time and I will give him a run for his money
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    Like I always say, bring it on Mr. Neon

    But I cant race you in your driveway !

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    Nice! Like the Trailblazer SS, would love to have one if I had any money..

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    nice, on the outside it's a twin to my buddy's TB SS. He's 01teggy on here - his is mostly just used for a DD and towing duty for his integra though.

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    All the nitrous stuff is pulled off really well. I like that switch panel too. Sweet truck
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    Thanks guys.

    I guess the element of surprise (look of shock) is the best part about driving a quick SUV. They never expect it.

    Course I went for a ride in my friends Silverado the other nite and my TBSS is officially slow compared to that !

    He raced his bosses Corvette ZR1 and walked it bad. If that's not enough, they did it again from a 70mph roll and he still walked away from the ZR1. Not something you would expect from a Silvy at a roll !

    I guess 1200 HP at the wheels helps

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    No video no proof...

    At least show photos
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