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Thread: New product line, Fuelab

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    New product line, Fuelab

    We have been setup directly as with as of yesterday . The brand has been becoming popular fast for their pumps, regulators and filters. We are going to be pulling in a large order of their stuff due to their required buy in. Order will be placed in probably 3-5 days.

    We will be a warehouse distributor which means good pricing so if you guys need anything let me know, I try to help locals out as much as I can. Any orders within the next week will help us fill our initial large order.

    PM me for pricing which will probably be around 10% less then what you find elsewhere online. Please serious inquiries only

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    they look nice, never heard of them, if i ever need a new pump or filter ill probably try these. are they better than wix? diggin the color choices though.

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    about time...

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    If anyone has any tech and/or installs questions- be sure to let me know. I am here to help out. You can contact me directly at Additionally, our website features (among many other things) install directions, tips, and diagrams. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook to keep up to date with what we are up to and where we are at (trade shows, racing events, etc.). The Facebook page also features pictures of customer's cars as well as the cars that we sponsor.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Im afraid I will be very busy the next few weeks. Wish the S10 could really utlize one of these pretty filters or regulators.

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    I've been running one of their regulators for 2 years so far.
    Had a pressure bleed off problem, but I don't think it was regulator related.
    Works great!
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    they make good stuff

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    E85 compatible? How much are the filters?

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