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Thread: DSMlink v.3 w/ Injectors combo Special

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    DSMlink v.3 w/ Injectors combo Special

    DSMLINK V.3 FIC Injectors
    Some fuel and a way to control it, at a very low price. We plan to hold this sale up until the ShootOut.

    FIC 550, 650, 750cc Injectors with ECM/DSM link V.3 $775 shipped.

    Combo with FIC 850cc Injectors $780
    Combo with FIC 950cc Injectors $800
    Combo with FIC 1050cc Injectors $820
    Combo with FIC 1150cc Injectors $855

    Also available:
    Eprom ECU $225
    DSM EPROM conversion $165
    Clutch Wire $8
    GM MAF cable $75
    OBD!/2 USB cables $65
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    Re: DSMlink v.3 w/ Injectors combo Special

    That talon in your signature could use this.... go with link v.3, 750's, speed density if its ready or gm maf if its not...

    put it on my credit card?

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    Re: DSMlink v.3 w/ Injectors combo Special

    i got a feeling im gonna regret passing this up, but i really shouldnt spend the money right now. dammit.
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