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  1. Date and time settings
  2. View 'New Posts' button is in the upper left corner
  3. attachment test
  4. staying logged in
  5. Username Changed
  6. Holy Shit...
  7. chat box
  8. Important Profile settings you should make
  9. How to log into the new forum with your old username
  10. IAF Skins!
  11. Private Message box full on new forum
  12. Can we get some signature size limits?
  13. forum will get slower for next hour, rebuilding the search index
  14. User Notes?
  15. logged in btu not on main screen?
  16. NWS Section?
  17. IAF Calendar is active
  18. When was CRunderground founded?
  19. Forum Moderators, Promotors, Designers & Programmers
  20. I deleted 3 categories :(
  21. IAF Staff
  22. IAF Header logo, temporary!
  23. msca rides has been moved into midwest militia central
  24. New 'Events' Category created
  25. subscriptions
  26. How to edit your signature and avatar
  27. New Posts?
  28. 403 Forbidden Message
  29. Which user's haven't made it on the new forum?
  30. Calendar problem
  31. I Joined 'cars for sale' forum with the 'for sale/want to buy' forum
  32. maximum images per post has been changed from 8 to 20
  33. Please add your real name and car to your signature!
  34. IAF's top all time posters!
  35. we have a sidebar now showing recent posts, like it?
  36. who here reads every single post to the forum?
  37. Profile settings mass change was made on PM notification and thread notification
  38. Street Heat private forum
  39. What kind of internet are you using at home? Cable, DSL, Dial Up, Fiber, 3g / Mobile
  40. New profile requirements set for all users
  41. Considering moving 'Midwest true 10.5' section into 'Midwest Militia Central' section
  42. spammers
  43. new record set 3 days ago for most users online at one time on IAF at 78 users
  44. IAF Sticker. Which to Print?!
  45. New IAF sponser , AmericanMuscle.com
  46. IowaAutoForums FaceBook Page!
  47. forum backed up today. 3 security updates done. about 100 smilies added
  48. Any interest in IAF license plates
  49. Thinking about starting a new forum category
  50. nick88 has been banned for a two year sentence
  51. IAF Forum Website statistics
  52. Editing posts limited to 2 minutes now
  53. IAF Moderation
  54. Mamamia's name has been changed to clinical
  55. Software update and google ads have been added
  56. Anyone else experiencing this? Invalid Redirect
  57. Ads/Banners
  58. 5 minutes to edit posts
  59. Please clean up your offensive signatures
  60. test, there was some server errors last night
  61. TAB fab and revhard deleted from vendor forums section
  62. Who would like new Forum categories divided by area (CR, DSM, Quad Cities etc)
  63. chase , your signature has got to go
  64. New user Registration page hit by spammers
  65. Facebook "likes" and comments have been added
  66. Website issues
  67. Advanced posting options turned on
  68. main forum gone?
  69. facebook integration testing
  70. "Car Specific" forums have been moved into the "General Automotive" section
  71. Facebook Like button on IAF
  72. website errors the past 2 days